Get compensation from delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights

Are you owed €600 in compensation?

If you've been on a delayed or cancelled flight or been denied boarding within the last 3 years you could be entitled to €250 - €600 from the airline. We can help you get the compensation you deserve. Start your claim now.

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Start your claim and let us help you get your compensation. Click "Start Claim" and go through the 5 steps and we take care of the rest. Fast and simple!

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AirHelp takes away all the hassle. We handle all the paperworks and legal communications with the airline on your behalf.

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We cover our claim handling expenses by taking 25% of the total compensation (including VAT). If we are not able to get your compensation, we don't get paid - simple as that!

They received compensation

Madrid to Santiago - LAN
IB7319 - Date: 09-01-13
Cancelled - Compensation: €1200
"AirHelp just landed 2 x €600 to me and my friend on our trip from Madrid to Santiago... Great! You guys Rock!!" 
Henrik Eggert & Erik Refner
Washington to Copenhagen - SAS
SK926 - Date 04-01-13 
Delayed 6 hours - Compensation: €600
"I tried to claim the compensation myself but gave up halfway. I didn’t really know what to expect but you really came through. You guys are amazing, will definitely recommend your service. Thanks a lot." 
Jakob Guldager
Oranjestad to Amsterdam - Martinair
MP661 - Date 31-05-11 
Cancelled - Compensation: €600
"Thank you for the compensation that you credited to my bank account. It is much appreciated!!!... I had abandoned hope of any money - but thanks AirHelp for your persistence." 
Eddy Gomes

EU air passenger rights

You could be entitled to compensation of €250 - €600 if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked. Going back 3 years.

Applies if you are leaving the EU with any airline, or arriving in the EU with an airline registered in the EU (or Iceland, Norway and Switzerland)

You won’t receive compensation if the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances for example due to bad weather.

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Compensation per distance


1.500 km or less


London - Berlin


1.500 - 3500 km


London - Athens


More than 3500 km


London - Dubai